Auroville women’s Security Team – a proposal

    comprising of women from Auroville and women from The surrounding villages.

   Security for the area cannot only be for Auroville, for it to actually work.

   We had in the past around the early 90’s, volunteers patrolling Auroville. didn’t work

   We had hired local men to patrol. didn’t work

   We have professional security services such as group4 etc. Doesn’t work

 The only way to make a real security blanket is to weave in the local villages, as it will also benefit the residents of their respective village too.

It would be wonderful to have teams of tough women from Auroville and the Villages around, patrolling the area with zero tolerance.

Get Krav Maga training for all the women on this security force.

For more info on wiki click here Krav Maga

Get trainers to come down from Chennai to teach Krav Maga to this team. I am sure there would be a budget for an Auroville women’s Security Team – a proposal .

please see link bellow.

Krav Maga India Chennai

Please note that this is a proposal.

Groping and robberies on the roads around Pondicherry and Auroville

Pondicherry has been growing exponentially and with the growth of wealth, crime has also exploded. There have been many instances of people being aggressed on and around the roads of Auroville and Pondicherry. These aggressions are often violent and take the following form. Usually two young men in their early twenties come up to you on their motorcycle and grab at your breast if you are a woman or try and stop you if you are a man to rob you. The robberies usually happen at night, whilst the sexual aggressions happen at all times of day and night. You are advised if you come to visit to travel in groups of 2 to 3 motorcycles. Never cycle alone, always move about in groups of two vehicles. If you are not traveling with a friend then ask around. If you are a group of two vehicles you will be left alone. They target single vehicles and woman who are walking, cycling or traveling on a motorcycle alone. If you decide to walk. Make sure a man is present as two woman walking will be considered fair game. Travel safe.