1. Toby has been in charge of Water Harvest for several years. This has been a vitally important service, and has contributed to the sustainable utilisation of water.

2. During his tenure the unit has been systematically asset-stripped and destroyed. Among things that have gone missing and/or sold include 2 excavators, hard disk drives containing vital data on water, jeeps, GPS units, and cash. At least ten Lakhs has been transferred to Water Service, where he is a unit holder, constituting a clear conflict of interest. The fact that Water Harvest is on the verge of being shut down implies that it was deliberately destroyed.

3. Without WH, there is no check on the groundwater extraction, and this is already resulting in salinity. The biggest ‘beneficiary’ of ground water salinisation will be Varuna, who will then have justification for its desalination unit. The implications of having one individual/ unit controlling Auroville’s water and electricity have not been thought out carefully enough and need to be the subject of a much wider debate.




4. A RTI application asking for the work orders for various projects that have been approved by L’Avenir has not been answered. It is believed that in many cases work orders were issued by Toby before any community feedback was obtained.

5. Most recently TDC has approved work on the test ponds. Feedback was asked on this a few years ago, and several people had given very negative feedback. This work was then put on hold, but seems to have started surreptitiously without any clear communication as to why it was taken up in spite of the negative feedback. Please also see # 8 below: even if site permission for the test ponds was given then, it lapsed after 2 years!

6. Apart from the allegations of wrong-doing against Toby in his role of WH executive, there is a constant conflict of interest between his roles at TDC, Water Service and Varuna, and this is an issue the WC needs to address urgently.

7. At the beginning of every request made for feedback by L’Avenir, a statement says that “The final approval is given when L’Avenir / TDC issues an NOC (No Objection Certificate). This happens only once the feedback period is over, the feedback has been evaluated, final decision by TDC has been reached and the necessary financial formalities have been completed. It is only after issuing a final building permission that fencing, building or any other activity on the site can start. It has to be noted that site permission is given to reserve the site for a maximum period of two years in order to prepare a project proposal. It does not give any right to fence and clear the site unless, for practical reasons, there is a special permission of TDC. “

Work on a new well on the Vikas radial started two days after feedback was requested!

8. Toby has also allegedly been in touch with officials of the Highways Authority regarding digging of a trench across the ECR to accommodate the pipeline from the desalination plant. Whether he has done this as a TDC representative or as a Varuna director is not clear. TDC cannot support the desalination plant without a community consensus on this.


9. Work on Ring road was started without waiting for community feedback.
10. Toby -in his role for L’avenir- allowed work to start on the Ring road in Kottakarai without work-order.
11. Drawings for the Ring road did not show non-Auroville lands, thus misleading decision makers
12. The proposed endpoint of the Ring road in Kottakarai was at the border of a private land, potentially increasing it’s value.
13. Work on the Ring road in Kottakarai was started without L’avenir having seen the situation on the spot
14. Publication in N&N was 2 days before work started
15. The proposed route for the Ring road in Kottakarai included in a dangerous bend around and underneath a tree. Impossible for trucks. L’avenir and community members agreed on a better path. This agreement was not followed by Road service, When Toby was asked to correct this, although he was not in India and could not have seen the situation, he stated that Road service was doing exactly as agreed.
16. Although Water Service was constituted with the remark that no plumbing work was to be undertaken, Toby allows Water Service to do plumbing work.
17. Toby took up temporary management of Auroville Water Maintenance Service when conflicts surface between Aurovilians in that unit.

18. Toby advised to close #Auroville Water Maintenance Service.

19. With Toby in FAMC the FAMC agrees to close down Auroville Water Maintenance Service.

20. Community got involvement, ultimately resulting in an RA-voting. Auroville Water Maintenance Service lives on as a successful service.
21. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has Toby registered as executive of Basic Water Needs (India) Pvt Ltd and of Varuna Pvt Ltd .
22. In the registers of Ministry of Corporate Affairs Toby uses his Auroville address as executive of Basic Water Needs Pvt Ltd, thus creating a risk for foreign #Aurovilians who have Visa ‘to volunteer in Auroville’. See

23. Conflict of interest while being executive of several water-related Auroville units and services including the non Auroville Basic Water Needs Pvt Ltd.

AUROVILLE INTERNAL AUDIT REQUIRED TATAGROUP TATA RTIINDIA TATADONATIONS news from Auroville Flash news from Auroville Aurovillenews auroville Honorable Minister of Environment and Forest of India tatacompanies

Auroville Internal Audit required
Auroville Internal Audit required 2015


Straightspeak – Planning on deceit

eROUGHSPEAK- Planning on Deceit
eROUGHSPEAK- Planning on Deceit

 An Auroville fairy tale…..

AVES recently wanted to put a cable through a spot close to my house. They had to use a path near my house because of the intransigence of nearby residents. I agreed, subject to a “credible guarantee” that a road would not follow. Silly of me.

In my absence, work on the cable started- without the guarantee, of course. ( which finally manifested as a soppy and meaningless statement in the News and Notes). I stopped the work until the AVES executive, and one from TDC came to see me to assure me that they didn’t know how this happened, it would never happen again, blah, blah …. this only happened about four times! Love these guys, they really know how to make you feel good after basically “doing” you over!

I was therefore slightly surprised to see the following statement in the N & N after all the work had been completed:

The TDC gave a short update about the laying of the high tension (HT) cable from Kailash to Bharat Nivas (receiving station). Laying of the HT cable required talks with many individuals; generally the cable follows “right of way”; some adjustments had to be made. In Aurodam one Aurovilian was blocking the work. Mr. Bala Baskar said this behaviour is unacceptable and if his office is asked, he’ll talk to the individual. The Working Committee member made note of the offer.”

On Aug 26, I wrote to the FAMC asking whom they were referring to. Of course I never got a reply from FAMC- I’m still waiting.

One of the TDC members on the FAMC personally wrote back saying it wasn’t him, and said the meeting took place the same day I’d reached an agreement with them. The other member hasn’t replied.

Ok, why?

Lets think of why TDC lies, openly, to the community. Its in their genes. They do it for money. One of the executives of of TDC was booted out of the Auroville Service he was in, after an inspection found missing GPS’s, hard drives and even a jeep. Three other vehicles were found being used by people who were not supposed to have them, and a mere 10 lakhs had been diverted to a unit in which he had an interest. Worse still, 20 years of data, meticulously collected by dozens of people, had gone missing. FAMC, of which he’s also a member, refuses to act. On asking one of the members of the FAMC why they hadn’t acted, I was told that “he’s given most of it back”.

If all it needs to escape any consequences, is to give everything back, is it surprising that theft has become an honorable profession in Auroville?

Lets stop this nonsense and clean up all these criminals from our committees.

Auroville will become what is must be:

Only if and when the people living there will stop lying.

The Mother, 18.3.1973



  Auroville women’s Security Team – a proposal

    comprising of women from Auroville and women from The surrounding villages.

   Security for the area cannot only be for Auroville, for it to actually work.

   We had in the past around the early 90’s, volunteers patrolling Auroville. didn’t work

   We had hired local men to patrol. didn’t work

   We have professional security services such as group4 etc. Doesn’t work

 The only way to make a real security blanket is to weave in the local villages, as it will also benefit the residents of their respective village too.

It would be wonderful to have teams of tough women from Auroville and the Villages around, patrolling the area with zero tolerance.

Get Krav Maga training for all the women on this security force.

For more info on wiki click here Krav Maga

Get trainers to come down from Chennai to teach Krav Maga to this team. I am sure there would be a budget for an Auroville women’s Security Team – a proposal .

please see link bellow.

Krav Maga India Chennai

Please note that this is a proposal.

Auroville the people have spoken!

Auroville the people have spoken!


Date of image capture of the poll April / 14 / 2013 

If there is a huge spike in favor for, after this posting – one can assume where it comes from. it reminds us of..

who is Auroville’s representative to UNESCO??

Click on this link 

Nuff said. 🙂

Image capture courtesy auronet

Rolling Editor Project

Aurovillenews rolling editor project

Rolling Editor Project enabled for

   That’s right!

As of April 15th 2013 This site will enable the rolling Editor project.

A new Editor a month, every Month. yes every month!!

This means that for example R is the editor and after he or she has completed one month.

He/she will appoint another editor. of his or her own choice.

All past Articles and the layout Logo/the about Page will stay as is.

New articles interests and images and media will be the creation and in the flavor of the Rolling Editor at the present.

This will enable an ever evolving news site.

what do you think about this Idea ?
If you are interested in the Rolling Editor Project, and would like to be a part of  this experiment then please write to don’t be surprised if suddenly you get the log in details for if you feel like participating that would be great.

If not – then pass it on. 🙂

Aspiring Rolling Editors should be at least 18 years or older. doesn’t belong to anybody, lets keep it that way.

AVC Report on Acceptance Community conflict

The Road To Human Unity
The Road Towards Human Unity

From AVC

Report on Acceptance Community conflict

It was end 2012 that the Council started to receive repeated complaints from both sides:

from Auroshree and Jayavel about Matej placing waste bins in a place used by J. for parking his car. Matej doesn’t want Jayavel’s car to be parked close to his house as he and his guests do not like to see it across the fence (there is a fence around their house, the rest of the community is open).

Auroshee complained about Matej and his guests’ behaviour towards them and their kids, for example telling the kids their father is a crook and filming them without permission. Matej started to send emails with photos of the overturned waste bins to all the AV International centers and outside personalities.

The Council met both parties soon after receiving those complaints and 4 members went on site. During this visit they met with Jayavel, then with Monica and Dalai, Matej being absent.  After speaking with both parties an alternative site for the waste bins was allocated at the entrance of the community, to be used by all. Monica admitted that during the cyclone Jayavel has been a great support and help.

Dalai mentioned that when they were living in the village and had this kind of neighboring problems they just had to call the police to remove the car. He also mentioned that now that they have invested so much money in this house they cannot move out anymore. When Dalai spoke about police, Council members tried to explain that in Auroville we are looking for different ways of addressing conflicts, through dialogue and mediation.

In that meeting on site, Monica said that they were going to buy a new car and park it where J. parks his car. Dalai told her  “do not be weird; we can park the car inside in the specially built garage.”

A few days later, the new car arrived; as it is the “smallest car in India” there was space to park it inside their compound. When Matej parked his car in the space usually used by Jayavel,  Auroshee called AVC members to see for themselves what they considered to be a provocation; 2 members of the Council went there and left. Jayavel then called his friends who came and tried to remove the car.

It is the next evening that it came to a physical shoving and pushing and some slaps between Jayavel, Auroprem, Kalya and Dalaj and Matej which were filmed by Matejs friends. AVC asked everyone to calm down for a week and that nobody should park their car in that place, the time to meet with all the parties involved. We spoke firmly against violence in Auroville. After this first meeting some members of both parties met at the Morgan Cafe, had coffee together and shook hands.

In the meantime Matej wrote to the Slovenian Embassy and the Secretary of Auroville Foundation about the violence. He considered that his life and his friends’ lives were threatened and that Auroville was doing nothing to defend them. He decided to file a case at the police station denouncing Jayavel, Auroshree, Auroprem, and Kalya. After the complaint (FIR) was filed, policemen came regularly to Auroshree and Javavel’s house sometimes when they were not at home, which was frightening for their children. Since then, the situation is very tense between the  neighbours, with constant provocations from both sides.

The AVC has repeatedly called Matej to come forward to sit for mediation, and Jayavel, Auroprem, Auroshree and Kalya were ready to go for it and were waiting for settling the situation without involving the police, but Matej refused as he considers that the W.C. and AVC were not doing enough to guarantee his safety. He now wants only communications in writing as he does not trust Auroville groups.

Jayavel, Auroprem, Auroshee and Kalya stated that they have no problem with Matej but that they find the behavior of guests of Matej in this situations as not appropriate.

The issues about separating wastes and finding a place for parking can be found in many places in Auroville and fortunately do not lead to such confrontation and escalation of violence. The root is deeper and it is about people from different backgrounds and cultures learning to respect each other and living together peacefully. Guests of India and of Auroville have to double their efforts when it comes to this mutual understanding. It is one of the challenges of Auroville, unity through diversity and about Aurovilians being convinced of human unity.

The Auroville Council is clear in its stand that violence has no place in Auroville, but considers that to spread emails and postings accusing others without proof, posting half truths and publishing criminal activities that happen in or around Auroville and have nothing to do with the concerned Aurovilians  is also to be seen as an aggression. It is moreover also an act of aggression towards Auroville itself as it is giving a distorted and negative image of Auroville.

The AVCouncil is proposing that on behalf of the community both parties take responsibility for their acts,  write an apology to the community for their actions and pledge their commitment towards the aim of Auroville: Human Unity.

We welcome any help and proposals from Aurovilians to address issues of violence in Auroville. We especially invite those who post their dissatisfaction on the Net and seem to know a way to handle the situation. We are ALL concerned.


Aurovillenews (Unofficial) editors note:

” The best way to resolve any problem in the Human world is for all sides to sit down and talk.”

The Dalai Lama

Cyclone Thane Auroville 2012 aftermath

Auroville Cyclone Thane Aftermath 2012

The aftermath of Cyclone Thane is still being dealt with.

Some parts of Auroville has finally gotten 5% of its electric power back. The rest of Auroville still has no Electricity.There are many teams of people who are clearing up high tension electric lines and Low tension electric lines.Other teams are clearing public spaces and Schools, and the task at hand is enormous. There are many volunteers who have joined the clean up groups and it is a beautiful sight to see so many people coming out and leaving all they have to do in their personal lives to come out and give a hand in restoring Auroville to some normalcy. It’s truly a time of deep reflection and introspection for Aurovilians and the idea of the human unity concept. we need more helping hands in getting the work done as soon as possible.

If you have the time and the goodwill to help you are more then welcome. If you are in the Auroville area then come to Townhall every morning and join one of the cleanup crews. its fun and you will meet all walks of life. may we suggest that you bring a hat and sunscreen and a water bottle. 🙂 The main work goals in the next month is bring electricity and potable water to all areas of Auroville and the surrounding areas