Rewind about eight years. Three Auroville youth got expelled from India. A while later, the courts found them not guilty of the thing they were accused of, and in 2009 they were allowed to return.

In the meantime, one of them had a very close friend, also an AV youth. He asked this boy to house sit, until he could get back. He also gave him a workshop, with a set of very expensive tools, to look after. The guesthouse went to his mother, who handed its care to another good friend..

These arrangements were known to  the Auroville  groups involved, and when it became clear that this man would return, the housesitter was asked to move. He undertook to do so by February 2010, to the Auroville Council.

To cut a very long story short, he still hasn’t. In spite of resolutions by the Council, the Working Committee,  by Housing, and by the FAMC. In spite of having been offered at least five other alternatives, and large amounts of money  to relocate. In the intervening period he’s employed threats of violence, and actually brought in people from the nearby village to rough up the current manager of the guesthouse.

The workshop is shut, and what happened to the tools loaned to him is anybody’s guess.

A Little bird tells me that the reason for all this drama is that the ‘youth’ nurses a grudge for not having been put in charge of the guesthouse as well…another asset that could have plundered.

In the last 16 months, various groups have offered upto five different options, large sums of money,  and building permissions, all to be rejected.  The FAMC has ordered twice that the house be demolished, since it was badly damaged in the Dec 2011 cyclone. When last week the FAMC told him that he had to go, he and other lumpen elements ( aka the Big Bird) in the community broke into and occupied a then empty newcomers house in the community. This house had been vacant for a week, and was undergoing repairs! His moving to this house  had already been ruled out,   since with the history of unpleasantness he created, nobody wanted him as a neighbour.

Anywhere else in the world the police would have been called in, but no, we’re not supposed to do that here. Our anti-socials have license to express themselves, and get a bonus to boot. And now, I guess we will soon see a Residents Assembly where all the troublemakers will gather, to try and regularise this latest squatting. Aurovilians, we are at a time when you do not dare leave your house for a few days with your best friend: not only will you not get it back, but the community will paint you the evil one for wanting it back!

The only justification I’ve heard from anybody on any of these so-called groups that administer AV is, he’s an Auroville kid, we have to take care of him. I wish I was an Auroville kid. I could lie, cheat and threaten my way into getting anything I wanted!

More to the point, if our groups cannot enforce a simple decision such as asking a house sitter to leave, what is the chance that they will take the more important  decisions that need to be taken every day, for the well being of Auroville?

Yes, I’m talking about Reve Guest House.

Our groups need to be empowered to enforce their decisions- or there will be no alternative to calling the police on a regular basis.

Auroville the people have spoken!

Auroville the people have spoken!


Date of image capture of the poll April / 14 / 2013 

If there is a huge spike in favor for, after this posting – one can assume where it comes from. it reminds us of..

who is Auroville’s representative to UNESCO??

Click on this link 

Nuff said. 🙂

Image capture courtesy auronet

Rolling Editor Project

Aurovillenews rolling editor project

Rolling Editor Project enabled for

   That’s right!

As of April 15th 2013 This site will enable the rolling Editor project.

A new Editor a month, every Month. yes every month!!

This means that for example R is the editor and after he or she has completed one month.

He/she will appoint another editor. of his or her own choice.

All past Articles and the layout Logo/the about Page will stay as is.

New articles interests and images and media will be the creation and in the flavor of the Rolling Editor at the present.

This will enable an ever evolving news site.

what do you think about this Idea ?
If you are interested in the Rolling Editor Project, and would like to be a part of  this experiment then please write to don’t be surprised if suddenly you get the log in details for if you feel like participating that would be great.

If not – then pass it on. 🙂

Aspiring Rolling Editors should be at least 18 years or older. doesn’t belong to anybody, lets keep it that way.

AVC Report on Acceptance Community conflict

The Road To Human Unity
The Road Towards Human Unity

From AVC

Report on Acceptance Community conflict

It was end 2012 that the Council started to receive repeated complaints from both sides:

from Auroshree and Jayavel about Matej placing waste bins in a place used by J. for parking his car. Matej doesn’t want Jayavel’s car to be parked close to his house as he and his guests do not like to see it across the fence (there is a fence around their house, the rest of the community is open).

Auroshee complained about Matej and his guests’ behaviour towards them and their kids, for example telling the kids their father is a crook and filming them without permission. Matej started to send emails with photos of the overturned waste bins to all the AV International centers and outside personalities.

The Council met both parties soon after receiving those complaints and 4 members went on site. During this visit they met with Jayavel, then with Monica and Dalai, Matej being absent.  After speaking with both parties an alternative site for the waste bins was allocated at the entrance of the community, to be used by all. Monica admitted that during the cyclone Jayavel has been a great support and help.

Dalai mentioned that when they were living in the village and had this kind of neighboring problems they just had to call the police to remove the car. He also mentioned that now that they have invested so much money in this house they cannot move out anymore. When Dalai spoke about police, Council members tried to explain that in Auroville we are looking for different ways of addressing conflicts, through dialogue and mediation.

In that meeting on site, Monica said that they were going to buy a new car and park it where J. parks his car. Dalai told her  “do not be weird; we can park the car inside in the specially built garage.”

A few days later, the new car arrived; as it is the “smallest car in India” there was space to park it inside their compound. When Matej parked his car in the space usually used by Jayavel,  Auroshee called AVC members to see for themselves what they considered to be a provocation; 2 members of the Council went there and left. Jayavel then called his friends who came and tried to remove the car.

It is the next evening that it came to a physical shoving and pushing and some slaps between Jayavel, Auroprem, Kalya and Dalaj and Matej which were filmed by Matejs friends. AVC asked everyone to calm down for a week and that nobody should park their car in that place, the time to meet with all the parties involved. We spoke firmly against violence in Auroville. After this first meeting some members of both parties met at the Morgan Cafe, had coffee together and shook hands.

In the meantime Matej wrote to the Slovenian Embassy and the Secretary of Auroville Foundation about the violence. He considered that his life and his friends’ lives were threatened and that Auroville was doing nothing to defend them. He decided to file a case at the police station denouncing Jayavel, Auroshree, Auroprem, and Kalya. After the complaint (FIR) was filed, policemen came regularly to Auroshree and Javavel’s house sometimes when they were not at home, which was frightening for their children. Since then, the situation is very tense between the  neighbours, with constant provocations from both sides.

The AVC has repeatedly called Matej to come forward to sit for mediation, and Jayavel, Auroprem, Auroshree and Kalya were ready to go for it and were waiting for settling the situation without involving the police, but Matej refused as he considers that the W.C. and AVC were not doing enough to guarantee his safety. He now wants only communications in writing as he does not trust Auroville groups.

Jayavel, Auroprem, Auroshee and Kalya stated that they have no problem with Matej but that they find the behavior of guests of Matej in this situations as not appropriate.

The issues about separating wastes and finding a place for parking can be found in many places in Auroville and fortunately do not lead to such confrontation and escalation of violence. The root is deeper and it is about people from different backgrounds and cultures learning to respect each other and living together peacefully. Guests of India and of Auroville have to double their efforts when it comes to this mutual understanding. It is one of the challenges of Auroville, unity through diversity and about Aurovilians being convinced of human unity.

The Auroville Council is clear in its stand that violence has no place in Auroville, but considers that to spread emails and postings accusing others without proof, posting half truths and publishing criminal activities that happen in or around Auroville and have nothing to do with the concerned Aurovilians  is also to be seen as an aggression. It is moreover also an act of aggression towards Auroville itself as it is giving a distorted and negative image of Auroville.

The AVCouncil is proposing that on behalf of the community both parties take responsibility for their acts,  write an apology to the community for their actions and pledge their commitment towards the aim of Auroville: Human Unity.

We welcome any help and proposals from Aurovilians to address issues of violence in Auroville. We especially invite those who post their dissatisfaction on the Net and seem to know a way to handle the situation. We are ALL concerned.


Aurovillenews (Unofficial) editors note:

” The best way to resolve any problem in the Human world is for all sides to sit down and talk.”

The Dalai Lama

AVC, WC announcement


Statement from the Auroville Council and the Working Committee of Auroville.


An announcement from the Working Committee and the Auroville Council

Matej, an Aurovilian and his three guests, Monica, Dalai and Miranda have recently published a blog on internet on the conflict which occurred between themselves and other Aurovilians  and sent it as well to different authorities outside Auroville. In this blog, Auroville is described as a place where violent events happen frequently, facts are distorted and Aurovilians are exposed to defamation. It is unacceptable that guests of Auroville – frequently calling themselves residents – attempt to damage the reputation of Auroville.

Therefore, Monica Dalai and Miranda are not welcome anymore in Auroville. They will not be allowed to use Auroville guests’ facilities and are asked to move to a place outside Auroville.

We appeal to the support of the community in this matter.
The issue of violence from Aurovilians in Acceptance community is still followed up very seriously by the Auroville Council and the community will be informed.

—————————– Thanks The Auroville Council and the Working Committee for bringing out this statement. Finding the real story behind will be required.

Auroville Marathon 2013

Aurovillenews would like to congratulate all the runners of the 6th Annual Auroville Marathon
There were 3000 runners who ran the Marathon on Sunday the 10th of February 2013. Aurovillenews would like to thank the Auroville Community and the organizers of the Marathon. This is a short note. more news will follow. Quiz time: Who won the 6th Auroville Marathon ? send in your answers to