1. Toby has been in charge of Water Harvest for several years. This has been a vitally important service, and has contributed to the sustainable utilisation of water.

2. During his tenure the unit has been systematically asset-stripped and destroyed. Among things that have gone missing and/or sold include 2 excavators, hard disk drives containing vital data on water, jeeps, GPS units, and cash. At least ten Lakhs has been transferred to Water Service, where he is a unit holder, constituting a clear conflict of interest. The fact that Water Harvest is on the verge of being shut down implies that it was deliberately destroyed.

3. Without WH, there is no check on the groundwater extraction, and this is already resulting in salinity. The biggest ‘beneficiary’ of ground water salinisation will be Varuna, who will then have justification for its desalination unit. The implications of having one individual/ unit controlling Auroville’s water and electricity have not been thought out carefully enough and need to be the subject of a much wider debate.




4. A RTI application asking for the work orders for various projects that have been approved by L’Avenir has not been answered. It is believed that in many cases work orders were issued by Toby before any community feedback was obtained.

5. Most recently TDC has approved work on the test ponds. Feedback was asked on this a few years ago, and several people had given very negative feedback. This work was then put on hold, but seems to have started surreptitiously without any clear communication as to why it was taken up in spite of the negative feedback. Please also see # 8 below: even if site permission for the test ponds was given then, it lapsed after 2 years!

6. Apart from the allegations of wrong-doing against Toby in his role of WH executive, there is a constant conflict of interest between his roles at TDC, Water Service and Varuna, and this is an issue the WC needs to address urgently.

7. At the beginning of every request made for feedback by L’Avenir, a statement says that “The final approval is given when L’Avenir / TDC issues an NOC (No Objection Certificate). This happens only once the feedback period is over, the feedback has been evaluated, final decision by TDC has been reached and the necessary financial formalities have been completed. It is only after issuing a final building permission that fencing, building or any other activity on the site can start. It has to be noted that site permission is given to reserve the site for a maximum period of two years in order to prepare a project proposal. It does not give any right to fence and clear the site unless, for practical reasons, there is a special permission of TDC. “

Work on a new well on the Vikas radial started two days after feedback was requested!

8. Toby has also allegedly been in touch with officials of the Highways Authority regarding digging of a trench across the ECR to accommodate the pipeline from the desalination plant. Whether he has done this as a TDC representative or as a Varuna director is not clear. TDC cannot support the desalination plant without a community consensus on this.


9. Work on Ring road was started without waiting for community feedback.
10. Toby -in his role for L’avenir- allowed work to start on the Ring road in Kottakarai without work-order.
11. Drawings for the Ring road did not show non-Auroville lands, thus misleading decision makers
12. The proposed endpoint of the Ring road in Kottakarai was at the border of a private land, potentially increasing it’s value.
13. Work on the Ring road in Kottakarai was started without L’avenir having seen the situation on the spot
14. Publication in N&N was 2 days before work started
15. The proposed route for the Ring road in Kottakarai included in a dangerous bend around and underneath a tree. Impossible for trucks. L’avenir and community members agreed on a better path. This agreement was not followed by Road service, When Toby was asked to correct this, although he was not in India and could not have seen the situation, he stated that Road service was doing exactly as agreed.
16. Although Water Service was constituted with the remark that no plumbing work was to be undertaken, Toby allows Water Service to do plumbing work.
17. Toby took up temporary management of Auroville Water Maintenance Service when conflicts surface between Aurovilians in that unit.

18. Toby advised to close #Auroville Water Maintenance Service.

19. With Toby in FAMC the FAMC agrees to close down Auroville Water Maintenance Service.

20. Community got involvement, ultimately resulting in an RA-voting. Auroville Water Maintenance Service lives on as a successful service.
21. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has Toby registered as executive of Basic Water Needs (India) Pvt Ltd and of Varuna Pvt Ltd .
22. In the registers of Ministry of Corporate Affairs Toby uses his Auroville address as executive of Basic Water Needs Pvt Ltd, thus creating a risk for foreign #Aurovilians who have Visa ‘to volunteer in Auroville’. See

23. Conflict of interest while being executive of several water-related Auroville units and services including the non Auroville Basic Water Needs Pvt Ltd.

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Auroville Internal Audit required
Auroville Internal Audit required 2015


Auroville Cricket Match 2014

Auroville Cricket Match.

Almost after 15 years…..

younger and older cricket teams of Auroville
younger and older cricket teams of Auroville





The Older Auroville Cricket Team played a serious cricket match with the present Auroville Cricket team. Match organized by the present team. It was a fun time all the way. Hoisting the Indian flag, sharing lots of old memories, Drinking Green coconuts and eating chicken Biryanis.

Coming back to the match, It was very very tough. The Auroville Seniors scored 117 runs in 20 overs with Partha and Subramanian Kathiravan being the top scorers. And I scored 10 runs with a nicely Hit boundary. Chasing 118 to win, the Auroville Juniors had to face some not so hostile and fierce fast bowling from Senthil. In his second over Senthil removed one of the top order batsmen with a well timed bouncer. Then started the panic for juniors. In my first over and in the first and second ball took wickets and almost had a hat trick almost missing it by a whisker. From there onwards it was all the way the Auroville Juniors with Shani from Aurodam who had 7 lives hit some mighty sixes. It was actually the bat which did the Talking. It looks like that Shanti carried a very expensive (around Rs.20000) bat. Auroville Juniors comfortably won the match by 6 wickets and 3 overs to spare.

Auroville Seniors will officially lodge a complaint with the Auroville Council and Working committee and would push for an investigation to check if there were special spring inserted inside Shanti’s bat. We will wait for the result of the inquiry in 3 years until then,  Shanti would be banned from playing all forms of cricket. 🙂

Auroville Senior Cricket Team would like to thank all the Juniors for all their hard work in organizing such a memorable event…… thank you guys.

written and submitted by Auroprem
#aurovillecricket #Auroville2014

Auroville 2013



Found the following writeup bellow on the web. changed it a bit.

Auroville: At the heart is the dramatic tension between good noble intention, the desire of everyone involved to “get it right,” and the politics, hubris, ego and ideology that is the bedrock of the city.




Rewind about eight years. Three Auroville youth got expelled from India. A while later, the courts found them not guilty of the thing they were accused of, and in 2009 they were allowed to return.

In the meantime, one of them had a very close friend, also an AV youth. He asked this boy to house sit, until he could get back. He also gave him a workshop, with a set of very expensive tools, to look after. The guesthouse went to his mother, who handed its care to another good friend..

These arrangements were known to  the Auroville  groups involved, and when it became clear that this man would return, the housesitter was asked to move. He undertook to do so by February 2010, to the Auroville Council.

To cut a very long story short, he still hasn’t. In spite of resolutions by the Council, the Working Committee,  by Housing, and by the FAMC. In spite of having been offered at least five other alternatives, and large amounts of money  to relocate. In the intervening period he’s employed threats of violence, and actually brought in people from the nearby village to rough up the current manager of the guesthouse.

The workshop is shut, and what happened to the tools loaned to him is anybody’s guess.

A Little bird tells me that the reason for all this drama is that the ‘youth’ nurses a grudge for not having been put in charge of the guesthouse as well…another asset that could have plundered.

In the last 16 months, various groups have offered upto five different options, large sums of money,  and building permissions, all to be rejected.  The FAMC has ordered twice that the house be demolished, since it was badly damaged in the Dec 2011 cyclone. When last week the FAMC told him that he had to go, he and other lumpen elements ( aka the Big Bird) in the community broke into and occupied a then empty newcomers house in the community. This house had been vacant for a week, and was undergoing repairs! His moving to this house  had already been ruled out,   since with the history of unpleasantness he created, nobody wanted him as a neighbour.

Anywhere else in the world the police would have been called in, but no, we’re not supposed to do that here. Our anti-socials have license to express themselves, and get a bonus to boot. And now, I guess we will soon see a Residents Assembly where all the troublemakers will gather, to try and regularise this latest squatting. Aurovilians, we are at a time when you do not dare leave your house for a few days with your best friend: not only will you not get it back, but the community will paint you the evil one for wanting it back!

The only justification I’ve heard from anybody on any of these so-called groups that administer AV is, he’s an Auroville kid, we have to take care of him. I wish I was an Auroville kid. I could lie, cheat and threaten my way into getting anything I wanted!

More to the point, if our groups cannot enforce a simple decision such as asking a house sitter to leave, what is the chance that they will take the more important  decisions that need to be taken every day, for the well being of Auroville?

Yes, I’m talking about Reve Guest House.

Our groups need to be empowered to enforce their decisions- or there will be no alternative to calling the police on a regular basis.

Auroville the people have spoken!

Auroville the people have spoken!


Date of image capture of the poll April / 14 / 2013 

If there is a huge spike in favor for, after this posting – one can assume where it comes from. it reminds us of..

who is Auroville’s representative to UNESCO??

Click on this link 

Nuff said. 🙂

Image capture courtesy auronet

Aurovillenews (unofficial) 2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

eROUGHSPEAK : The fix is in…

(Disclosure: I volunteered for the Selection Committee, and was not selected. I was nominated for L’Avenir and refused this)

I was naive enough to join the Selection Process Review Group (SPRG) a few months back. This will be a new start, they said. We will run this group democratically, they said. Everything we do will be completely transparent and open, they said, and we will report everything we decide to the community.

Grandstanding began almost from the first meeting. Over the next couple of months, just about everybody who had any experience with the Auroville process (meaning, they had actually worked on one of these groups), dropped out, leaving the process in charge of those with the loudest voices. I was out of station for a while, and when I attempted to rejoin the group, I was asked to wait “until the selection process for L’Avenir was over”. This got me thinking. Was my presence inconvenient, and were the selections to L’Avenir going to be rigged, as usual?

Several factors confirm my suspicion.

Firstly, the process suggested was very convoluted, and was no different from that done earlier. Various groups which were supposed to be concerned with planning had their quotas on the new Selection Committee. It may be argued that a member of the current L’Avenir was needed since that person knew what the job entailed, also and members of the Farm and Forest Groups since they represent a vital land use component, But why members of the ABC, ABS, AVC or the last L’Avenir. Are they more qualified than members of the community at large, or are their any special interests at stake? Why members of the L’Avenir Advisory Board? They are supposed to advise: or are we surrendering our ‘democratic’ rights to Delhi, yet again? Why not just- 15 people from the RA, picked in some transparent fashion? Even picking volunteers at random, picking names out of a hat, would be less biased than this procedure.

Secondly, the SPRG report itself was available only on request. Why wasn’t this document discussed and debated on AVNet? Incidentally, The SPRG minutes have stopped appearing in the N & N, leaving us wondering why the group that advocated honesty openness and transparency has fallen into the same hole.

Thirdly, the discussions that happened on the SPRG report were conveyed to to community as a series of cartoons: cute, but leaving nothing to really react to.

Finally, the RAS proposed that the Selection Committee proceedings be shown on closed circuit TV to anybody who was interested. This would have ensured that behind the scenes slander without any accountability, would not take place. A little bird has told me that 3 of the new SC members have already objected vehemently to this, and the rest maintain an eerie silence.

So I guess the fix is really in.


posted with permission from the Author.