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Welcome To VarunaVille

And so it is… “No such thing as a free lunch”  Giving “FREE” electricity does not mean you have the right to go around and force your electrical cables or what have you, on to people.

It reminds us of the days when there was meant to be “FREE” internet for all in Auroville, Just so that some people could have their way around. Give the common folk some goodies and you can get away with allot. sorry folks. that’s not the way of the future. better get back to the drawing board.

"An electrifying Experience"

Welcome to VarunaVille


Auroville Cricket Match 2014

Auroville Cricket Match.

Almost after 15 years…..

younger and older cricket teams of Auroville

younger and older cricket teams of Auroville





The Older Auroville Cricket Team played a serious cricket match with the present Auroville Cricket team. Match organized by the present team. It was a fun time all the way. Hoisting the Indian flag, sharing lots of old memories, Drinking Green coconuts and eating chicken Biryanis.

Coming back to the match, It was very very tough. The Auroville Seniors scored 117 runs in 20 overs with Partha and Subramanian Kathiravan being the top scorers. And I scored 10 runs with a nicely Hit boundary. Chasing 118 to win, the Auroville Juniors had to face some not so hostile and fierce fast bowling from Senthil. In his second over Senthil removed one of the top order batsmen with a well timed bouncer. Then started the panic for juniors. In my first over and in the first and second ball took wickets and almost had a hat trick almost missing it by a whisker. From there onwards it was all the way the Auroville Juniors with Shani from Aurodam who had 7 lives hit some mighty sixes. It was actually the bat which did the Talking. It looks like that Shanti carried a very expensive (around Rs.20000) bat. Auroville Juniors comfortably won the match by 6 wickets and 3 overs to spare.

Auroville Seniors will officially lodge a complaint with the Auroville Council and Working committee and would push for an investigation to check if there were special spring inserted inside Shanti’s bat. We will wait for the result of the inquiry in 3 years until then,  Shanti would be banned from playing all forms of cricket. 🙂

Auroville Senior Cricket Team would like to thank all the Juniors for all their hard work in organizing such a memorable event…… thank you guys.

written and submitted by Auroprem
#aurovillecricket #Auroville2014

Auroville 2013



Found the following writeup bellow on the web. changed it a bit.

Auroville: At the heart is the dramatic tension between good noble intention, the desire of everyone involved to “get it right,” and the politics, hubris, ego and ideology that is the bedrock of the city.

Rolling Editor Project


Aurovillenews rolling editor project

Rolling Editor Project enabled for

   That’s right!

As of April 15th 2013 This site will enable the rolling Editor project.

A new Editor a month, every Month. yes every month!!

This means that for example R is the editor and after he or she has completed one month.

He/she will appoint another editor. of his or her own choice.

All past Articles and the layout Logo/the about Page will stay as is.

New articles interests and images and media will be the creation and in the flavor of the Rolling Editor at the present.

This will enable an ever evolving news site.

what do you think about this Idea ?
If you are interested in the Rolling Editor Project, and would like to be a part of  this experiment then please write to don’t be surprised if suddenly you get the log in details for if you feel like participating that would be great.

If not – then pass it on. 🙂

Aspiring Rolling Editors should be at least 18 years or older. doesn’t belong to anybody, lets keep it that way.

AVC Report on Acceptance Community conflict

The Road To Human Unity

The Road Towards Human Unity

From AVC

Report on Acceptance Community conflict

It was end 2012 that the Council started to receive repeated complaints from both sides:

from Auroshree and Jayavel about Matej placing waste bins in a place used by J. for parking his car. Matej doesn’t want Jayavel’s car to be parked close to his house as he and his guests do not like to see it across the fence (there is a fence around their house, the rest of the community is open).

Auroshee complained about Matej and his guests’ behaviour towards them and their kids, for example telling the kids their father is a crook and filming them without permission. Matej started to send emails with photos of the overturned waste bins to all the AV International centers and outside personalities.

The Council met both parties soon after receiving those complaints and 4 members went on site. During this visit they met with Jayavel, then with Monica and Dalai, Matej being absent.  After speaking with both parties an alternative site for the waste bins was allocated at the entrance of the community, to be used by all. Monica admitted that during the cyclone Jayavel has been a great support and help.

Dalai mentioned that when they were living in the village and had this kind of neighboring problems they just had to call the police to remove the car. He also mentioned that now that they have invested so much money in this house they cannot move out anymore. When Dalai spoke about police, Council members tried to explain that in Auroville we are looking for different ways of addressing conflicts, through dialogue and mediation.

In that meeting on site, Monica said that they were going to buy a new car and park it where J. parks his car. Dalai told her  “do not be weird; we can park the car inside in the specially built garage.”

A few days later, the new car arrived; as it is the “smallest car in India” there was space to park it inside their compound. When Matej parked his car in the space usually used by Jayavel,  Auroshee called AVC members to see for themselves what they considered to be a provocation; 2 members of the Council went there and left. Jayavel then called his friends who came and tried to remove the car.

It is the next evening that it came to a physical shoving and pushing and some slaps between Jayavel, Auroprem, Kalya and Dalaj and Matej which were filmed by Matejs friends. AVC asked everyone to calm down for a week and that nobody should park their car in that place, the time to meet with all the parties involved. We spoke firmly against violence in Auroville. After this first meeting some members of both parties met at the Morgan Cafe, had coffee together and shook hands.

In the meantime Matej wrote to the Slovenian Embassy and the Secretary of Auroville Foundation about the violence. He considered that his life and his friends’ lives were threatened and that Auroville was doing nothing to defend them. He decided to file a case at the police station denouncing Jayavel, Auroshree, Auroprem, and Kalya. After the complaint (FIR) was filed, policemen came regularly to Auroshree and Javavel’s house sometimes when they were not at home, which was frightening for their children. Since then, the situation is very tense between the  neighbours, with constant provocations from both sides.

The AVC has repeatedly called Matej to come forward to sit for mediation, and Jayavel, Auroprem, Auroshree and Kalya were ready to go for it and were waiting for settling the situation without involving the police, but Matej refused as he considers that the W.C. and AVC were not doing enough to guarantee his safety. He now wants only communications in writing as he does not trust Auroville groups.

Jayavel, Auroprem, Auroshee and Kalya stated that they have no problem with Matej but that they find the behavior of guests of Matej in this situations as not appropriate.

The issues about separating wastes and finding a place for parking can be found in many places in Auroville and fortunately do not lead to such confrontation and escalation of violence. The root is deeper and it is about people from different backgrounds and cultures learning to respect each other and living together peacefully. Guests of India and of Auroville have to double their efforts when it comes to this mutual understanding. It is one of the challenges of Auroville, unity through diversity and about Aurovilians being convinced of human unity.

The Auroville Council is clear in its stand that violence has no place in Auroville, but considers that to spread emails and postings accusing others without proof, posting half truths and publishing criminal activities that happen in or around Auroville and have nothing to do with the concerned Aurovilians  is also to be seen as an aggression. It is moreover also an act of aggression towards Auroville itself as it is giving a distorted and negative image of Auroville.

The AVCouncil is proposing that on behalf of the community both parties take responsibility for their acts,  write an apology to the community for their actions and pledge their commitment towards the aim of Auroville: Human Unity.

We welcome any help and proposals from Aurovilians to address issues of violence in Auroville. We especially invite those who post their dissatisfaction on the Net and seem to know a way to handle the situation. We are ALL concerned.


Aurovillenews (Unofficial) editors note:

” The best way to resolve any problem in the Human world is for all sides to sit down and talk.”

The Dalai Lama

eROUGHSPEAK : The fix is in…

(Disclosure: I volunteered for the Selection Committee, and was not selected. I was nominated for L’Avenir and refused this)

I was naive enough to join the Selection Process Review Group (SPRG) a few months back. This will be a new start, they said. We will run this group democratically, they said. Everything we do will be completely transparent and open, they said, and we will report everything we decide to the community.

Grandstanding began almost from the first meeting. Over the next couple of months, just about everybody who had any experience with the Auroville process (meaning, they had actually worked on one of these groups), dropped out, leaving the process in charge of those with the loudest voices. I was out of station for a while, and when I attempted to rejoin the group, I was asked to wait “until the selection process for L’Avenir was over”. This got me thinking. Was my presence inconvenient, and were the selections to L’Avenir going to be rigged, as usual?

Several factors confirm my suspicion.

Firstly, the process suggested was very convoluted, and was no different from that done earlier. Various groups which were supposed to be concerned with planning had their quotas on the new Selection Committee. It may be argued that a member of the current L’Avenir was needed since that person knew what the job entailed, also and members of the Farm and Forest Groups since they represent a vital land use component, But why members of the ABC, ABS, AVC or the last L’Avenir. Are they more qualified than members of the community at large, or are their any special interests at stake? Why members of the L’Avenir Advisory Board? They are supposed to advise: or are we surrendering our ‘democratic’ rights to Delhi, yet again? Why not just- 15 people from the RA, picked in some transparent fashion? Even picking volunteers at random, picking names out of a hat, would be less biased than this procedure.

Secondly, the SPRG report itself was available only on request. Why wasn’t this document discussed and debated on AVNet? Incidentally, The SPRG minutes have stopped appearing in the N & N, leaving us wondering why the group that advocated honesty openness and transparency has fallen into the same hole.

Thirdly, the discussions that happened on the SPRG report were conveyed to to community as a series of cartoons: cute, but leaving nothing to really react to.

Finally, the RAS proposed that the Selection Committee proceedings be shown on closed circuit TV to anybody who was interested. This would have ensured that behind the scenes slander without any accountability, would not take place. A little bird has told me that 3 of the new SC members have already objected vehemently to this, and the rest maintain an eerie silence.

So I guess the fix is really in.


posted with permission from the Author.

Auroville’s first Kindle Book Pabit The Rabbit

Childrens book from Auroville We here at Aurovillenews are Pleased to Announce Auroville’s First Kindle bookPabit the Rabbit is out on Amazon store.

This book is for Children from the age of 4 to 8 years of age. its a very great read for your children.

Pabit The Rabbit is a book that can be easily read to your child at bed times or when you are on a holiday in the mountains.

This is the First kindle book from Auroville that you can buy on Amazon.

Auroville Coffee shop Logo Competition 2012

Auroville Coffee shop logo competition 2012

Auroville Coffee shop logo competition 2012

LOGO and NAME Competition

Here in Auroville there is a New Coffee shop about to be opened.
This coffee shop will be selling great fresh organic Coffee
home made cakes and chocolates
scrumptious sandwiches and crispy salads to go. 🙂
ThisAuroville coffee shop will also sell and maintain imported cycles, And also it will cover every aspect of cycling. gear/tours/maintenance
So here is the thing.
We need a Name and a LOGO for this cycle / coffee shop
It should be catchy and simple.
we have thought about many names here are a few.
Velocafe (velo) cycle
Greenmango Cafe ( as the cafe is in a Mango field)
We would love to see your input.
This competition is a FREE one… Free as in like, if your design wins from our panel of esteemed Judges then you get FREE Coffee and cakes … so feel FREE to Design a LOGO and come up with a name…and a tag line. send them to the following email address:
Accepted design format: JPG, PDF, Ai, TIF, PNG, GIF
and if you want you can also create hand drawn ones that you scan and send..
*conditions apply

The Problem with mainstream Media

The Problem With mainstream Media

The Problem with mainstream Media

When reading the newspaper or surfing the net for  the “latest” news one most often lands on crazy horrible gut wrenching stories from around the world as well as stories taking place closer to home. This over intrusive abundance of information flooding our brains every day has an extremely negative affect. It also impacts how we as humans deal with daily life; above all how we interact with each other.
This deluge of negative news contradicts the advice we were given as kids, i.e.. to be honest, truthful and not hurt anyone?? Also to be kind and loving to everyone. ? –  Maybe this is only stories parents tell their children so that they believe that the world is a good place.
With all these Grotesque stories that are all over the media one finds it hard to deal with everyday life. One tends to suspect people’s motives more, one tends to loose trust in the human spirit. One starts to see only the decay and depression that is gripping society. Where is that universal love and tolerance?  That love for all living things?
What has happened in the last 20 years is a total new uncharted road of information that people are so happy to lap up.
Personal experiences and wisdom is now all rated and verified with the Google search bar.
I had a talk with a 7 year old child the other day and this child asked me if she could tell me a story and so she commenced, at one point I interrupted her and asked her to change the story and make it a happy story, her reply was this.. If I make a story with only good things and happy moments, then you will not find it interesting and you will get bored of the story, a story has to have something bad happen and then something good happen, otherwise its not a story. WOW!! this from a 7 year old child. Has this generation already got the full blow of the mainstream media mania as I call it ? 
Has this generation accepted this negative trend and path already?
When you will be on your death bed and have only moments left to live; will you wish you heard more bad news in your life and read more horror stories, or will you wish that you had filled yourself and your days with positive stories, kindness and love?

Auroville Birthday 28th February 2012

Aurovillenews wishes Auroville a happy Birthday.
These few pictures were taken this morning at the bonfire that was made to usher in the new year for Auroville’s birthday. Auroville has just turned 44 years old, or rather young – we would say. after Cyclone Thane and all its damage that it caused to Auroville’s landscape, This Bonfire was a refreshing renewal of energy. Things are tough for Auroville in many fronts these days but as these amateur pictures show. There is still the fire of hope and conviction that Auroville will get thru come what may. So enjoy the pics. and once again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUROVILLE.

Auroville Birthday 28th February 2012    

  Click on pictures to enlarge 🙂

Bonfire Auroville birthday 28th Feb 2012

Bonfire Auroville Birthday February beautiful sunrise 2012

Bonfire Auroville Birthday View thru the Banyan tree 2012

Auroville birthday - the Banyan tree and blue sky 2012

Auroville Birthday - the Banyan tree & blue sky 2012

Auroville Birthday - 2012

Auroville Birthday a view of the Palm tree - heart shape - 2012

Auroville Birthday a view over dew drop hill - 2012

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