Auroville Group6 Services logo designs

Auroville Group6 Services
Auroville Group6 Services

Auroville Group6 Services
Auroville Group6 is a small group of people that have been working actively along with the electrical service and other services to help clear electric lines in Auroville. This group is comprised of volunteers and Aurovilians. As now the emergency phase of the post Cyclone electric lines and public spaces is slowly coming to a halt. Ther is a huge amount of work to do in regards to cleaning up areas that are fire prone.

Auroville Group6 Services needs a logo design. we are asking well wishers to come up with a logo for this volunteer group.There is no monetary reward for this logo design as we are a group who does not charge for its services. please send in your Auroville group6 logo designs in pdf format to the following email address.

p.s Be creative and and send in as many designs as you want. 🙂

hope to see your designs.. so that we can bring this

    Auroville group6

forward into a more proactive service.
Above is a simple sample or idea…. think about it and come with something amazing…..