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Auroville at 5 am

Waking up at 5am

When I woke up this morning and went outside, I could feel the cool morning air, could hear the birds starting to sing their early morning song, could feel the moist damp grass beneath my feet and could see the dew drops on the leaves of the trees.

aaa such a beautiful place Auroville is.

So quiet and serene so natural and so true. but as the crack of dawn comes I can hear the bustle of noise from the distant re-made highway. there is something about this place that i can’t quiet understand. I love it and loath it all in the same breath. this feeling of an omnipresent love and the sense of the now of today all intertwined in the dream and the reality.

aaa such a beautiful place Auroville is.

The different cultural backgrounds that make up the fabric of Auroville can be very stark. and somehow over the years it kinda makes Auroville have its very own cultural fervor.

aaa such a beautiful place Auroville is.

I live in the past where people connected with each other in a normal humane way
where if you wanted to speak to someone you would talk to them in person. The personal contact between people has been fading to new hight of the information highway of the internet and the quick sms’s.

aaa such a beautiful place Auroville is.

there is, above all the strife and differences amongst us, a place of actually love for each other and an undeniably strong connectedness between us all.

aaa such a beautiful place Auroville is.

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