About Aurovillenews (Unofficial)

Aurovillenews (Unofficial) is a space where Aurovilians can express
their ideas on the happenings within Auroville and the surrounding area. Aurovillenews is an open source project where the writers and
contributors shape the direction of the news. Some of the articles will not  get verified, and so it might be furthest away from facts, so if you happen to land on such articles then please consider it as humor or at least an attempt of it.

http://www.aurovillenews.wordpress.com will never stop people from speaking freely. We trust good judgment in those who read or contribute towards this Unofficial news site. But in the event of heated arguments where profanity and character assassination is used. We will – after giving the person or persons due notice to either reword their article or information, remove and delete the words used, delete the user, or delete both.

For further reference to Freedom Of Speech see the Wikipedia page on it HERE or copy and paste the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_speech

Aurovillenews (Unofficial) truly belongs to nobody in particular. It belongs to the journey called Auroville.

You can follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/aurovillenews

Write to us at aurovillenews@gmail.com with your articles – and we will publish them.

DISCLAIMER: Coming soon.

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