AVC, WC announcement


Statement from the Auroville Council and the Working Committee of Auroville.


An announcement from the Working Committee and the Auroville Council

Matej, an Aurovilian and his three guests, Monica, Dalai and Miranda have recently published a blog on internet on the conflict which occurred between themselves and other Aurovilians  and sent it as well to different authorities outside Auroville. In this blog, Auroville is described as a place where violent events happen frequently, facts are distorted and Aurovilians are exposed to defamation. It is unacceptable that guests of Auroville – frequently calling themselves residents – attempt to damage the reputation of Auroville.

Therefore, Monica Dalai and Miranda are not welcome anymore in Auroville. They will not be allowed to use Auroville guests’ facilities and are asked to move to a place outside Auroville.

We appeal to the support of the community in this matter.
The issue of violence from Aurovilians in Acceptance community is still followed up very seriously by the Auroville Council and the community will be informed.


http://www.Aurovillenews.wordpress.com Thanks The Auroville Council and the Working Committee for bringing out this statement. Finding the real story behind will be required.

8 thoughts on “AVC, WC announcement

  1. Within this inflammatory commentary, where one would be entitled to expect even-handedness in a place like Auroville, it says: “We appeal to the support of the community in this matter. The issue of violence from Aurovilians in Acceptance community is still followed up very seriously by the Auroville Council and the community will be informed.”, is your statement. Do you not think it would be wiser – in the sense of ‘truly wise’ – to follow this up very seriously, BEFORE making accusations of ‘defamation’ of character, or taking sides…?

    1. Greetings Linda,
      Thank you for your feedback. One could presume that the WC and the AVC have more insight to what really happened in Acceptance, their findings and outcome will be brought out to the public as they have stated.

      1. I ‘presume’, as you are making presumptions, that you feel that people, even enlightened conscious people such as those who are within Auroville, are incapable of drawing their own conclusions from a document, & must be shielded and protected as we would young children, from watching something which might make them reflect further and give rise to a salutary discussion, no matter which side of a given question they ultimately come down on.

        Your claim to free-speech, which yes, needs to be responsible, but to be responsible it needs to exist — and their having pulled the document from the Intranet as opposed to the “100% Unofficial Site” (& I do credit you for dealing with it, all the same), which would have been the proper forum for such a discussion, smacks of the kind of repression and censorship which most of us criticize other ‘governments’ for — or have we become the same — no more open to discussion and in a way, just as ‘xenophobic’ of ‘outsiders’, and ready to ‘deport’ them, as others?

        Respectfully, but surprisedly, yours.

        Thank you for your acknowledgement;
        I have nothing further to say – people will have to deal with their own biases, and look in their own mirrors.

  2. Greetings Linda,
    Thank you for your feedback. even though “we” as in you and I presumably have only seen and read one side of the conflict. if we are to hack down and judge those without a thorough look into the conflict It would seem to me as an unwise and un noble approach.
    To make a positive constructive contribution in solving these kind of conflicts one needs the willingness and calmness to look at all sides of the story, and to dig deep down to the root of the problem thus saying this. Let us wait and see the outcome of the WC and AVC on this.

    1. Agreed. We shall wait. I am not uncalm or lacking in peace in my reflections on this, and am perfectly willing to let due process of law take its course.

  3. I agree with what Linda wrote so eloquently. There is no free speech in Auroville and if you purport to be a news vehicle maybe you should actually practice journalism or are you just a mouthpiece for the powers that be in Auroville. Here is the link to the blog that the Slovenian 4 are being persecuted for: http://kerubin.com/av/ I suggest you read it before you rush to judgement. I also wonder where the compassion and empathy are in Auroville over this disgusting situation in the city that purports to be of human unity.

  4. Greetings Maggie, Thanks for your feedback.
    Please note that I have read the information on http://kerubin.com/av/ some days ago. The point that I am again stressing if you would be so kind to see the response to Linda, Is that the full story should come out before judging. Now if you think that free speech is all about rants and raves without consequences then so be it. that is your opinion. There is a big responsibility when speaking freely. Free speech information can be found here please read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_of_speech

    I do hope that this conflict gets resolved in the best way possible.

    http://www.aurovillenews.wordpress.com will never stop people from speaking freely. We trust good judgment on those who read or contribute towards this Unofficial news site. If you or anyone else would like to contribute Articles please send them to aurovillenews (@) gmail.com

  5. Just few worlds to support Matej, Monica, Dalai and Miranda, and hope Auroville can find a better solution than exclude them. Can we think for a solution with more compassion and love inside Auroville and wait for the law decision outside.

    I also think even if “the WC and the AVC have more insight to what really happened” and we don’t know the other side story we can post true reactions base on common sense.


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