Happy Birthday Auroville

Auroville at 45
Happy Birthday Auroville February 28 2013

Aurovillenews wishes Auroville

A happy Birthday.

Aurovillenews would like to thank all those who have been and are at the present involved with Auroville.

45 Years Ago Auroville was just an area on a sun backed red earth Plateau, even in old historic maps found the area was referred to as the “RED HILLS” Things have surely changed in 45 year.

Now 45 years later Auroville stands as a beacon of what can be done in Reforestation and water and soil Management. But the work is still in Progress. To some Progress is efficient roads and well managed traffic and to others progress is to let Nature do as it pleases. Over 45 years people have come to this desolate spot on the planet to work towards a dream, a Dream of true human unity and without a shadow of a doubt Auroville has always emerged victories to work and mold to over come obstacles in ways that allot of other intentional communities around the Planet would either buckle at the knees or close shop.

Auroville has its fare share of problems and obstacles that are on the path of the project. The work that Auroville and its inhabitants, is to find a way that will bring all sides together. That’s the work that is in front of the the Project called Auroville.

There is an older generation of Aurovilian who would like to see the city built according to plans that were made 4.5 decades ago, and there are others who see a more inclusive progressive approach. Let this year bring everything on the table so that collectively Auroville can develop in a beautiful harmonious way.

Happy Birthday Auroville.

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