Auroville Coffee shop Logo Competition 2012

Auroville Coffee shop logo competition 2012

Auroville Coffee shop logo competition 2012

LOGO and NAME Competition

Here in Auroville there is a New Coffee shop about to be opened.
This coffee shop will be selling great fresh organic Coffee
home made cakes and chocolates
scrumptious sandwiches and crispy salads to go. 🙂
ThisAuroville coffee shop will also sell and maintain imported cycles, And also it will cover every aspect of cycling. gear/tours/maintenance
So here is the thing.
We need a Name and a LOGO for this cycle / coffee shop
It should be catchy and simple.
we have thought about many names here are a few.
Velocafe (velo) cycle
Greenmango Cafe ( as the cafe is in a Mango field)
We would love to see your input.
This competition is a FREE one… Free as in like, if your design wins from our panel of esteemed Judges then you get FREE Coffee and cakes … so feel FREE to Design a LOGO and come up with a name…and a tag line. send them to the following email address:
Accepted design format: JPG, PDF, Ai, TIF, PNG, GIF
and if you want you can also create hand drawn ones that you scan and send..
*conditions apply

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