The Problem with mainstream Media

The Problem With mainstream Media

The Problem with mainstream Media

When reading the newspaper or surfing the net for  the “latest” news one most often lands on crazy horrible gut wrenching stories from around the world as well as stories taking place closer to home. This over intrusive abundance of information flooding our brains every day has an extremely negative affect. It also impacts how we as humans deal with daily life; above all how we interact with each other.
This deluge of negative news contradicts the advice we were given as kids, i.e.. to be honest, truthful and not hurt anyone?? Also to be kind and loving to everyone. ? –  Maybe this is only stories parents tell their children so that they believe that the world is a good place.
With all these Grotesque stories that are all over the media one finds it hard to deal with everyday life. One tends to suspect people’s motives more, one tends to loose trust in the human spirit. One starts to see only the decay and depression that is gripping society. Where is that universal love and tolerance?  That love for all living things?
What has happened in the last 20 years is a total new uncharted road of information that people are so happy to lap up.
Personal experiences and wisdom is now all rated and verified with the Google search bar.
I had a talk with a 7 year old child the other day and this child asked me if she could tell me a story and so she commenced, at one point I interrupted her and asked her to change the story and make it a happy story, her reply was this.. If I make a story with only good things and happy moments, then you will not find it interesting and you will get bored of the story, a story has to have something bad happen and then something good happen, otherwise its not a story. WOW!! this from a 7 year old child. Has this generation already got the full blow of the mainstream media mania as I call it ? 
Has this generation accepted this negative trend and path already?
When you will be on your death bed and have only moments left to live; will you wish you heard more bad news in your life and read more horror stories, or will you wish that you had filled yourself and your days with positive stories, kindness and love?

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