Step up to the Plate

Auroville Steps up to the plate.

They say that in moments of calamity such as Cyclone Thane..the real character of humans come out.

We have had a lot of wood stolen from Auroville after the Cyclone hit.
The following days after it was mayhem. Some communities were attacked by looters in broad day light. the Solar street lights were ravaged by looters, batteries and solar panels that were attached to them we ripped off and taken.

One community member who saw the thieves attempting to steal one of the solar lights, the person rushed to inform the residence who live closest to this light and all the person got was this as a reply “That solar light is not in our property so its non of our business”

There are also many amazing positive things happening right now in Auroville.
There are people who have opened up their houses to others so that their laundry can be cleaned using their private washing machines, others have opened up their houses to allow people to charge cell phones and other electric gadgets such as torches and laptops. many people have worked tirelessly to bring back some normalcy after such a natural disaster.

This is a point where Auroville and its Aurovilians should really step up to the plate.
most of the center area has electricity and water. but other parts of Auroville still don’t have these after 22 days. so please come out and help others in need.

There are so many ways one can help Auroville in its time of need.

Auroville is at a risk of having forest fires as most of the dried leaves and twigs that are all over the place can easily catch fire within the next few months and especially during summer.

If you have any expertise in forest fire prevention we would love to hear from you.

If you have some ideas on how to utilize the wood that has fallen down, such as block board making or any other product that can help Auroville please share it with us so that we can maximize usage of the wood that Auroville has.

Please get in contact with us if you have any constructive solutions, we would love to hear from you.

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