Auroville Cyclone Thane relief efforts

Cyclone Thane came and wiped out over 70% of forest cover.
The clean up is going on steadily. Yesterday morning at one of Auroville’s sports grounds there were about 50 Brazilian tourists who came and volunteered in the clean up efforts. The Brazilian group that came made the work load a lot easier and they helped clear most of this particular sports ground of auroville. The work of getting life back to normal is a long and hard road ahead. There are so many places such as schools and public spaces that need as many of helping that can be spared to accelerate the cyclone Thane clean up. what is needed most is helping hands and above all .. good will and if you or any knows about efficient ways to clean up and restore or rather improve the cleanup efforts please don’t hesitate to contact auroville cyclone Thane relief
at the following email address.

Today 13.12.2012 From 9:00 am onwards a few cleanup groups will be cleaning up Certitude Sports ground.
If you feel like coming by and helping it would be great 🙂 bring a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle.

Feel like Donating?

Feel like donating to Auroville Cyclone Thane relief
Auroville Cyclone Thane

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