Cyclone Thane Auroville 2012 aftermath

Auroville Cyclone Thane Aftermath 2012

The aftermath of Cyclone Thane is still being dealt with.

Some parts of Auroville has finally gotten 5% of its electric power back. The rest of Auroville still has no Electricity.There are many teams of people who are clearing up high tension electric lines and Low tension electric lines.Other teams are clearing public spaces and Schools, and the task at hand is enormous. There are many volunteers who have joined the clean up groups and it is a beautiful sight to see so many people coming out and leaving all they have to do in their personal lives to come out and give a hand in restoring Auroville to some normalcy. It’s truly a time of deep reflection and introspection for Aurovilians and the idea of the human unity concept. we need more helping hands in getting the work done as soon as possible.

If you have the time and the goodwill to help you are more then welcome. If you are in the Auroville area then come to Townhall every morning and join one of the cleanup crews. its fun and you will meet all walks of life. may we suggest that you bring a hat and sunscreen and a water bottle. 🙂 The main work goals in the next month is bring electricity and potable water to all areas of Auroville and the surrounding areas

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