70% of Auroville forest wiped out in twelve hours

Auroville has over the past 40 years had one thing that it could call as an achievement and this was turning a desert plateau into a forest again.
Cyclone Thane within a twelve hour spell has wiped off 70% of Auroville’s forest cover. what does this mean for Auroville, there are some pioneer foresters who can’t believe that this could happen. There are other farms in Auroville where every fruit tree has been uprooted.

The situation now is of a gloomy start of year 2012.
But after saying all this there is a shimmer of connectedness among the Aurovilians. There are so many people from all walks of life helping in cleaning up the damage that Cyclone Thane left behind.
There are people who have stopped everything and are on the roads clearing the roads from the fallen trees, there are others who have opened their houses so that neighbors can recharge their laptops and mobile phones using solar energy, for the whole Auroville area will be without electricity for the next ten to fifteen days. yes that’s right. there are teams of Aurovilians setting up emergency hotlines to help in anyway they can.
This is the short article to bring forward that in the end when situations look so grim, the human heart and the feelings of wanting to help is a strong force.

3 thoughts on “70% of Auroville forest wiped out in twelve hours

  1. Hi there in Auroville,

    We are a social community project in Germany called ‘Soziales Dorf’, heard about the cyclone catastrophy in Auroville yesterday.
    We have no money, but want to help by making the desaster public in the German web sphere. A blog article yesterday …

    Is it possible to use this text translated in our blog website?

    If so, it would be fine if we can use one or a few of the photos for articles we can see on AurovilleRadio and the Picasa account.

    Wish you all many helping and giving hands!

    Detlef Müller
    Initiative für ein ‘Soziales Dorf’
    from Minden (Germay)

  2. Hi Muni,
    Thanks for the informations. I wrote an email to the cyclone-help mail adress, but got no answer so far. Doesn’t matter, it’s of course very much to be done on your side in Auroville.

    Just finished the German translation of the first press release:

    I’ll translate this blog about the horrible damages at the forest as well. It’s quite short, so not much work to be done.
    If there is something, that we can do on Social Media (especially twitter, our website or newsblog) please let me know!

    Detlef from Germany

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