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Auroville marathon 2011

click on picture to go to the Auroville marathon site

Thanks to the whole team for an amazing marathon 2011

What good energy it was 🙂

1300 runners, running for the pleasure of running, kids, teenagers , women, adults, grandfathers , grand mothers, all walks of life all colors of life … just beautiful 🙂

people came from all parts of India and many parts of the world, not to forget to mention our very own resident runners 🙂

thank you.

ps. click on picture to go to the auroville marathon website.


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One thought on “Auroville marathon 2011

  1. Sachin Longani on said:

    What a wonderful event. I was reading “Born to Run” last week and on Feb 14 I was actually seeing it, feeling it, running it LIVE…Ran for the joy of it…It would be great to see some pics of the events so that I can share it with more ppl so that they also join us next year…thanks a lot

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