Auroville area is terrorized by muggings and groping incidences.

Be AWARE while traveling in Auroville
In the last few years, the assault on women on the roads in and around Auroville have sky rocketed.
There are incidences of women being attacked by young men on motorbikes in broad day light.
Women are beaten with sticks, are robbed and are even molested.
Its a horrible situation for all people who live in the Auroville area.

People are afraid to go out alone and it seems that Auroville is trying to deal with this outbreak of violence against women.

The local villagers are too under such attacks.
Be aware, its not only women who get attacked.
Men too, get waylaid and robbed.

Be aware when traveling around in Auroville
If you come and visit Auroville please make sure you stay at one of Auroville’s guest houses and ask the caretaker what precautions you might need to take while going around Auroville.

you can also visit the newly launched website called avtravelsafe please click on this link to go to the respective site and get tips on traveling around in Auroville.

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