Standing order !

It’s strange that Auroville always gets Orders from “up there” i.e. Govt Standing orders etc. while actually Auroville as we know it now, is not at all standing but rather been crippled at the knees with hard blows that test our enduring human unity concept.

The orders should have actually come from the community.

The first line of the Auroville charter has been taken away from Auroville in 1988
its this line that held Auroville’s dream.
it’s this line that called people from all walks of life to Auroville.
Is Auroville ready to take back the reins of Auroville? or is Auroville still going to bicker and fight amongst each other in petty squabbles.

I am sure if we as a community can put down our differences for a more collective goal, then the Govt of India would be more then willing to give back the reins to the Auroville charioteer.

But as of now “they” must see us as children in a sandbox making castles out of dry sand.

I might be wrong as i am too a dreamer 🙂

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