Nature and wildlife in Auroville

auroville jungle crow
crow king of the redhills Auroville

Yesterday afternoon I had put on the few garden sprinklers at around 5:30 in the evening, and suddenly there were so many birds zooming around the sprinklers. I counted 7 species of birds and even a jet-black crow came to take a sprinkler shower. Huge party 🙂

We are truly lucky to live in this forested area where so many species of birds and animals are found.

Believe it or not people have seen Deer here.

And I know this must sound crazy but some have even seen a Panther.

The core temperature of Auroville is a few degrees cooler then the surrounding area.

Thank you Greenbelters and environmental people for the forests.

Hope the new team who will plan and execute the future city will take into account the environment & nature as their utmost priority.

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